ARe we dreaming? Pokemon GO & the future of Augmented Reality

As aired on 4ZZZ Radio. 

It’s the game that’s taking the world by storm – car accidents, muggings, and rare-found joy for people with autism have all been attributed to Pokemon GO. With this brief foray into the world of AR, Melanie Keyte takes a look at where the future of gaming could go now this technology is literally at our fingertips.

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Everything that is wrong with the 24-hour news cycle – Opinion

As published in Semper Floreat.

Earlier this week, Australia stopped to look at a madman. We stopped to look at him because all of our news outlets told us to. He was doing something shocking and scary and so every news reporter, cameraman, and anchor pointed their fingers towards this man, and screamed at us to LOOK LOOK LOOK!

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