When an ethical boycott backfires – in pictures

Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’, or ‘giraffe’ women in northern Thailand. Now, amid campaigns to ‘Stop the Human Zoo’, the steady stream of visitors has dried up. And so has their money.

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Rebel soldier to gay rights warrior

As published with Democratic Voice of Burma. View original here.

With tears in his eyes, Aung Myo Min tells the story of his first love. As a young man, filled with a fierce passion for equality and democracy in his home country of Burma, he had taken up arms against the military government with other like-minded students. Deep in the Burmese jungle, Aung Myo Min fell in love with another young man, a fellow student-cum-soldier who shared his ideals and fought alongside him. But while their comrades preached equal human rights for all, the two men knew they were not accepted by the rest of the group. Unable to cope with the stigma, the couple separated.

Aung Myo Min left the army to pursue non-violent activism, while his lover was sent to the front lines.He was later captured by government forces and tortured to death.

“They did not believe in this kind of love,” Aung Myo Min tells the camera.

“But our love, it came from the heart.”

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Caught in the crossfire

As published with Democratic Voice of Burma. View the original here

A small and isolated community in Chin State have suffered human rights abuses and been forced to flee their homes due to recent outbreaks of fighting in the state’s south, the Chin Human Rights Organisation (CHRO) has reported.

“This is yet another case where ordinary civilians, this time Khumi Chin indigenous people, bear the brunt of armed conflict in Burma and suffer human rights violations,” said CHRO’s Advocacy Director Rachel Fleming in a statement on 15 June.

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51 minors released by Burmese army

As published with Democratic Voice of Burma. View the original here. 

Fifty-one children and young people were discharged from the Burmese Armed Forces, commonly known as the Tatmadaw, on Thursday, bringing the total number of underage recruits to be released this year to 93.

This latest batch of discharges has been commended by the UN Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting (CTFMR) as progress in the quest to completely end the involvement of children in armed conflict.

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