When an ethical boycott backfires – in pictures

Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’, or ‘giraffe’ women in northern Thailand. Now, amid campaigns to ‘Stop the Human Zoo’, the steady stream of visitors has dried up. And so has their money.

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Refugee students learn life lessons – in pictures

Close to the Burmese-Thai border, young Karenni refugees study desperately to gain acceptance into universities worldwide. But with talks of repatriation echoing through the camps, it’s unsure how long they are to stay there.

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Brisbane Marriage Equality Rally 17-08-13

Shortly before the 2013 Federal election, on a sunny Saturday morning, pro-marriage equality protestors marched the streets of Brisbane calling for an end to marriage discrimination.

Indigenous leader Wayne Wharton, affectionately known as ‘Uncle Coco’, hopes to attract attention of issues affecting Indigenous Australians today.

Moving into Musgrave Park – in pictures

As published at UQG20.com

In 2014, I took part in a Work Integrated Learning program covering the G20 Leader’s Summit in Brisbane. Indigenous groups from across Australia have set up camp in West End’s Musgrave Park in preparation for the seven-day-long protests against the G20 Leaders Summit. Musgrave Park, located mere metres from the G20 hosting venue, is and always has been a sacred meeting ground for Indigenous communities in Brisbane. The protests will aim to draw local and international attention to a variety of Indigenous issues in Australia.

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Enjoying an Aussie bush bash – photo gallery

As published at IOIReporter.com.au

In 2013, I took part in a Work Integrated Learning project at The University of Queensland covering the International Olympiad of Informatics. The Olympiad, or, the IOI, saw thousands of high school aged students from all over the world travel to Brisbane to compete in the prestigious computer-science event. After the final exam, the students were treated to an ‘Aussie Bush Bash’ party to celebrate the end of the Olympiad.

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