Live-Tweeting the ABC’s state election coverage

On Saturday the 31st of January 2015, I was part of the ABC live-tweeting team who helped cover the election results on social media. Needless to say, seated in the ABC pop-up newsroom, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Following a short briefing by an ABC staff member, my colleague Sophie Meixner and I made a beeline to the seats just in front of the radio panel, where we stayed for the entire night.

It was 11pm when the live coverage wrapped up, meaning we were tweeting for almost 6 hours straight. In that time, I had attracted around 26 400 total views, 89 retweets and 88 favourites.


One of my highlights was undoubtedly realising that Leeanne Enoch was the first Indigenous woman to be elected to Queensland parliament. I consider her victory a momentous occasion in Queensland history, and I am heartened to think she will be a role model for other young Indigenous women looking to begin a career in politics.


Another highlight was seeing Antony Green’s complete and utter confusion as his figures began to show Labor’s unbelievable comeback.


And of course, I was thrilled to introduce myself to several members of the ABC staff, including Steve Austin, and Labor MP Terri Butler, who I greatly respect and admire.


All up, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening live-tweeting the ABC’s election coverage, and aim to make it back into the ABC newsroom sometime again soon.


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