A marathon addict

As published in the Tweed Daily News.

WHILE most people were happily snoozing away their Sunday morning, Coolangatta resident Laura Purdie was taking on the full Gold Coast Marathon for the first time.

Mrs Purdie started running in 2006, but said it wasn’t until she began training with the Twin Towns Services Runners and Walkers Club almost two years ago that she decided to start taking on marathons.

“I’ve kind of gotten addicted to it,” Mrs Purdie said.

“When I first looked into (the run club), it looked to be a mostly older crowd, and it still is a bit, but then I went along and these 50-, 60- and 70-year-olds are running faster than me.

“Everyone is so inspirational and they’ve all got these amazing personal stories.”

Since starting out with the club, the 32-year-old schoolteacher has amassed an impressive repertoire, including three half marathons in the past six months.

As the community approached Sunday’s formidable 42km stretch, Mrs Purdie said she felt reasonably confident in her ability to push through any difficulties, and that she couldn’t wait to compete.

“Based on previous times of previous runs, I’m estimating to finish in about four and a half hours.

“I had a New Year’s resolution to beat my personal best on all my marathons and half marathons this year.

“But really, my main goal is just to run the whole distance without stopping.”

When asked the “secret” to successful marathon running, Mrs Purdie had two pieces of advice: set yourself realistic goals, and get involved in local community running events.

“It really doesn’t matter where you go, people will always come up to you, say ‘hello’ and make you really welcome,” Mrs Purdie said.

“They (people can) go to Parkrun all around the place – 7am at Kirra, at Kingscliff, at Coomera, wherever you like.”


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